The driver was hit by a high speed “slapped one eye” and the new car hit a slope seriously damaged

In the summer, when people are all sleepy, if they are tired and driving, it is dangerous. On July 28, a driver suddenly “slapped a glance” when he was going up at a high speed, and in this moment of “close one’s eyes and blink”, the new car rushed to the slope and suffered serious losses. Fortunately, there were no large passengers in the car. hinder.

In the afternoon of the same day, the police on duty of the Changsha High Speed ​​Traffic Police Jiangbei Brig received an alarm call. In the 120km north of the Pingyi Expressway, a black car crashed into the guardrail, and the trailer was seriously damaged. Two people in the car were slightly scratched. hinder. The accident police immediately rushed to find that an unlicensed black car completely deformed the left front wheel, and the four airbags in the car completely exploded. The revetment had traces of being overrun by the vehicle. The branches scraped off the mirror on the left side of the car. When inquiring about the situation at the time of the accident, the driver spoke irritably that he only glanced at it and blinked and hit the slope.

According to preliminary investigations, fatigue driving is the main cause of the accident. According to accident police, it is easy to cause fatigue during summer driving. Driving the vehicle in hot summer weather or in an overheated cabin environment, the temperature is high and the air circulation is poor. The driver is prone to fatigue and often feels mentally tired and the line of sight gradually becomes blurred. The thinking becomes dull, especially in the late afternoon, it is easy to sleep, and even the driver will instantly lose his memory. The hard driving will lead to traffic accidents. At the same time, in high-speed driving, due to a single road environment, less traffic disturbances, and stable speed, the frequency of noise and vibration in the vehicle is small, which makes it easy for the driver to feel monotonous and drowsy and sleepy, causing “hypnosis phenomenon on the highway”. Therefore, the driver should arrange the rest time reasonably during summer driving, be rested when feeling light fatigue, keep his head clear, energetic, and drive safely, thus effectively reducing or eliminating the occurrence of tragedy.