Courier driver slammed into the service area at a high speed and brewed a rear-end accident

Yesterday morning, the Fenghua service area could say that the accident was happening again and again. Some people were stuck in the cab and there was a car scraping due to the avoidance of pedestrians and the nearby vehicles. “Summer arrived, the driver must pay attention to rest, do not fatigue driving.” Alarm police reminded. Around 3:30 am yesterday, Yongtaiwen Expressway Fenghua went to the Fenghua Service Area in the direction of Ningbo, where a SF express truck and a semi-trailer parked on the ramp stopped the rear-end collision. The accident resulted in two people being trapped and injured. It is understood that the semi-trailer that was in trouble was traveling from Cixi to Ningbo at 2 o’clock in the morning and passing through the service area of ​​Fenghua. It was planned to enter the station for rest and rest. However, the parking space in the service area was already full, and the driver could only work with some vehicles without a parking space. Together stop on the emergency lane ramp. About an hour later, from Wenzhou to Ningbo, the full-package parcel SF Express was driving into the service area and rammed into the rear of the semi-trailer.
Lee, a courier driver, was on a high speed in Wenzhou and rested for a while in Taizhou. “The police told reporters that Lee was a little guilty of opening a service area in Fenghua, and was ready to enter the service area to rest. Under the action of sleepy insects, Lee ran into a semi-trailer.

After half an hour of intense rescue, he succeeded. Rescued the trapped people and sent them to the hospital for treatment.Then the traffic police contacted the person in charge of the Ningbo area of ​​SF Express to arrange the vehicle to come in.

As of the time of writing, it was learned from the hospital that the courier driver suffered a broken leg and needed further surgical treatment. There is no danger of life.At present, the specific cause of the accident has yet to be further investigated.The

high-speed traffic police reminds drivers that they must pay attention to rest during summer driving in summer and beware of fatigue driving.Because they can’t relax their spirits while entering the service area, they can concentrate and slow down. Speed, pay attention to passing pedestrians.