The driver gets sleepy and beats a child with a fruity jam

The driver first crashed two trees, then knocked down the lamppost and finally rolled over on the road. (Shenyang) On the South Second Ring Road, a miniature van is so “crazy”? It turned out that the driver who was driving was busy and sleepy. At about 5 o’clock on July 23rd, on the east side of Changqing Bridge in South Second Ring Road, there was a traffic accident caused by driver’s tired driving. The van rushed into a “good road. No one car. The little bread suddenly burst out like a wicked dog.” The accident happened when the owner of the private car, Mr. Li, said, “No slowdown, no Turning, rushing to the side of the tree will be passed.” After consecutively breaking the two trees with the adult’s thick legs, the minivan turned the direction under the influence of strong impact, did not slow down, and knocked down the lamppost on the side of the road. “That sounds old, and it’s quite awkward, and the light poles are broken at the same time.” Because of the speed, there was a strong reaction force when it struck the lamppost, and the tiny minivan was overturned to the ground. Until this time, the “crazy” van that had been “bumping” all the way down stopped. The fruit on the car was scattered all over the place. The reporter saw at the scene that the tiny van on the right side of the car hit the ground and rolled over on the spot, and the right rear tire had burst. Half of the front windshield fell off, and the remaining half shattered into a spider web. The bumper broke into several segments, and the debris scattered. The center of the nose is severely inwardly sloping, and the shape can be used to identify what should be the impact of the lamppost. On the road around the car body and on the nearby road, a distance of nearly 100 meters scattered scattered watermelons, squashed peaches and many fresh fruits. “I had just sold a car of fruit from the fruit market in the morning, and when I drove to Nanta, I was home. I didn’t expect it to happen in the middle,” said the driver. According to the driver who arrived at the scene to help, the driver usually worked very hard. “I go to the market less than 4 o’clock every day. After returning home, I have to sell the fruit. I often go to 11 o’clock in the evening. It may be too sleepy. “This statement has also been recognized by the driver:” Last night was too busy late last night, almost sleepless nights, when it opened, it really could not live, I do not know how to suddenly fell asleep.” Total loss More than 10,000 yuan after receiving the alarm, the traffic police quickly rushed to the scene to assist the van driver to correct the sideways vehicles and help the driver pick up fruits that did not break. The driver said that the value of fruits on the car was 4,000 yuan, plus the cost of car repairs, resulting in a total loss of more than 10,000 yuan. “Hey, the money you make for a few days is gone!”